Environmental Friendly

monachus-monachusThe hotel Althea is literally built in nature. It is built on a hill and from there you can look at the endless blue, but simultaneously it embraces the local trees, scented herbs and colorful flowers. So we respect the environment and do everything possible to maintain its beauty. So every tree, plant and flower planted at Althea is derived from our area.

  • Low energy lamps used throughout the hotel to help reduce in energy consumption
  • Batteries are collected and sent for recycling
  • Rooms and linens are cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Sheets and towels reuse program dramatically reduces water and energy use
  • Using recycled paper for brochures, catalogs
  • Environmentally friendly toiletries
  • Minimize the use of paper cups
  • Keycard control system is installed in each room to control heating, lighting and air conditioning when the room is not in use
  • Using recycled paper for brochures, catalogs
  • Our employees are using environmentally friendly methods and products for washing clothes
  • The food served at the hotel consists of organic produce of Karpathos

Here at Althea we continually strive to find new and creative ways to help and protect the environment