Karpathos Beaches


has 160km. coastline. In this coastline unfold countless picturesque beaches with special and unique beauty and crystal clear waters.

Karpathos also provides beaches that have been awarded for their beauty and purity.

There are sheltered areas where surviving populations of the endangered species live, such as the Mediterranean monk seal monachous monachous.
There are beaches for tranquility and relaxation, but there are very organized beaches with umbrellas and taverns.
Among the most beautiful beaches of Karpathos stand out, Amoopi, Achata, Apella, Kyra Panagia, Ag.Nikolaos (Spoa), Lefkos, Ag. Nicholas (Arkassa), Christou Pigadi, Diakoftis, Agios Minas …


The most known and famous area of Karpathos that beaches have many shades of blue . The scenic and beautiful beaches of Amoopi are sandy, protected from wind and shallow waters. They are suitable for families with young children. The turquoise waters impress. The beaches here are organized. Next to the beach there are restaurants and tavernas.



Achata beach is sandy with small pebbles. The deep blue waters and the majestic blocks of rock that surround the beach create a magical landscape. It’s organized with umbrellas and Taverns




The award winning beach of Karpathos with deep crystal turquoise waters, exotic color on the sand and pebbles in some corners, compose one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. The imposing mountain full of pine trees makes fascinating landscape. Has umbrellas and small tavern.



kyra panagia_03Kyra Panagia

Probably the most photographed beach of Karpathos. Golden sand and clear deep waters, surrounded by the pine dressed mountains that descend to the beach. Has umbrellas and restaurants. The characteristic here is the beautiful church of “Kyra Panagia” that is found aside and higher than the beach.



agios nikolaos spoaAgios Nikolaos – Spoa

Viewing this beach you will be left breathless. Golden sand combined with very small pebbles. Clear blue waters. Organized beach with umbrellas and tavern.




Successive sandy beaches with turquoise-blue waters. From here you have the unique view of the island Sokastro. Organized beach with umbrellas and taverns. Ruins of ancient city on the beaches.



arkasa ag nikolaosAgios Nikolaos – Arkassa

The “Hawaii” of Karpathos. With golden sand this beach is considered the best beach for body surfing in continuous waves. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and shower and taverns. With unique views of the neighboring island of Kasou.



christou_pigadiChristou Pigadi

It’s located in Afiartis near the road to the airport. Consists fine pebbles, there are trees that provide natural shade and turquoise waters. Here there is a natural source that flows into the sea and makes the water much cooler. Has umbrellas and taverns.




It is located in Afiartis on the road around the Airport of Karpathos. The double beach, gives you the feeling you are at the …. Carribean. The beauty of this beach is beyond words. Nobody leaves Karpathos without taking memories of Diakoftis. Turquoise clear waters full of saltiness. Golden sand overlooking the “Kastellos”, the southernmost cape of Karpathos.


Damatria-PosidonPoseidon – Damatria

It is located in Afiartis on the way towards the Airport of Karpathos. The unique crystal clear turquoise waters and unique smallish secluded beaches that accompany make it exciting. There’s Restaurant.



Tristomo-OlympusAgios Minas – Olympus

On the way to Olympia is the only beach of Agios Minas with unique pebbles and the picturesque church to watch over it . Here you come by car or by boat from Pigadia.