Karpathos Villages

Karpathos consists of 12 villages where most of them keep their traditional style.

pigadiaPigadia Karpathos

Pigadia is the capital of Karpathos. Here is the port of the island.
Here was built on one of the ancient cities of Karpathos, Poseidio or Posi , in honor of the sea god, Poseidon.
There are still parts of the ancient acropolis and the Cyclopean walls that protected it. Today the city of Pigadia has all the amenities of a capital to its residents, and visitors. Without a doubt in terms of tourism, the finest organized area of the island.Your evening stroll on the promenade and on the pedestrian walkway will be unforgetable. The cafes and restaurants, which are next to the sea, give you the opportunity to enjoy unique cuisine, overlooking the fishing boats. Not so far away from the center are clean and organized beaches like the endless beach “Vronti”, Kyra Panagia, Agios Nikolaos and Ammoopi located 6.5 km to the south.While touring the city you can enjoy images and cuisine of an authentic Aegean island.From the sights we suggest you visit during your stay here is the remains of an early Christian church of Agia Fotini at “Afoti”, next to the sea, and according to historians is built on the ruins of the sanctuary of the Dioscuri.You can also visit the chapel of Agia Kyriaki which is located 2.5 km southwest of the well and offers spectacular views of the sea and the green forest.
Every morning from the harbor in Pigadia depart small ferries that go to unique beaches “Kato Lakos”, “Kyra Panagia” “Apella” “Chai”, etc.) and to Diafani where there you get a drive to visit Olympus.


The larger village of Karpathos 8km from the town of Karpathos. It looks like a colorful eagles nest, since it is built amphitheatrically on the side of the Prophet Elijah. Traditional architecture with colorful houses and narrow paths.Characteristic of the village is the great church of Panagia, with a carved, unique wooden temple, built on the impressive Sacred Rock.From the courtyard of the church you see in front of you the whole village and from up there a unique view to the capital of Karpathos Pigadia. In mid-August the Panagia is honored with the biggest festival of the island.The quiet stroll in the small paths of the village is a unique experience. Rustic taverns and cafes offer incredible dishes. Just outside the village is the church of Agios Mamas, a church with unique architecture and frescoes dating from 1300. In Menetes is also the home the Folklore Museum, with collections of archaeological findings, pottery, agricultural implements and sculptures. At the top stands the impressive church of Agios Spyridon.


Arkasa is located 16 km from . It is a Pigadia, coastal village characterized by important historical monuments and strong marine landscape that surrounds it.If you visit you can admire ancient monuments including the remains of the ancient city of ARKESIA, located at Cape Paliokastrou.Also in the same region are the parts of an early Christian basilica of St. Anastasia. This temple dates from the 5th century and hosts some fine examples of art which are reflected in the mosaic floors. Even during your stay here you can visit the historic monuments of St. Sophia and Ypapanti.Visit the Archaeological Museum. In Arkasa you can choose the accommodation that suits you from a great selection of hotels and apartments . The beach of Agios Nikolaos is unique. Large waves give the possibility of different experience . Three kilometers from the village is the beach of St. Theodore . Additionally you will have the opportunity to taste traditional cusine in one of the many taverns or have fun at a unique bar enjoying your drink .


Quaint and charming seaside village, fishing village with a small port suitable for mooring of small fishing and tourist boats. Located 1 km north of Arkasa and 17 km southwest of Wells. Here you can enjoy the beautiful fresh fish tavern by the sea, agnanefontas a unique mountain scenery, rocks and sea.




Aperi is one of the largest villages of Karpathos. It is 8 km from the town of Karpathos. Today’s settlement dates back to the Middle Ages, is located at an altitude of 320 meters stands out for its beauty and picturesque character. The village run through by a green stream, whereas a bridge connects the two parts of the village.Beautiful homes with tiled roofs and colorful backyards impress. During your visit here you should not miss a tour on the picturesque streets. Amongst them you will be able to admire the church of the Virgin dating from 1855, the stone bridge, and the number of fountains found in many corners of the village. Here resides the Metropolis of Karpathos and Kasos. Three kilometers away is the unique beach of Achatta, with crystal clear waters.



A small picturesque village about 10 kilometers from the capital of Karpathos, located at an altitude of 440 m between the villages and the Aperi and Othos. The excellent aesthetics and architecture of the houses of Volada make the village one of the most beautiful villages of Karpathos. Great views from the village towards the capital.
The plateau of “Lastos” is one of the most beautiful countryside of Karpathos. Here lies the highest peak in the Dodecanese “Kali Limni” with altitude 1215 m!. There is a marked trail to reach the highest peak of the Dodecanese. The plateau Lastos is filled with picturesque farmhouses, churches and vines.
In “Lastos” there is an old farmhouse there you can find a traditional authentic tavern offering local meats, and even game …



In one of the highest points of the island is the picturesque village Othos. From there magnificent view towards the capital of Karpathos. Many times the village is lost in the clouds!In OTHOS it is worth visiting the woodcarving workshop where it manufactured the famous Lyra of Karpathos and other ornately woodwork items.The great form of the island the late John Chapsis “mantinadoros and a lyre player” may not exist anymore, but it is worth to search some of the paintings he did in his old age, inestimable value as folklore art of Karpathos.
A short distance from the village Othos of one of the most beautiful countryside of Karpathos, with beautiful cottages in landscaped gardens.


Lefkos (2)Pyles

Pyles is a picturesque village situated on the western side of the island, and has panoramic views of the neighboring island of Kasos and colorful sunset. Pyles village is located 15 km from Pigadia and is literally covered in green from the many crops. Every evening, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset there!.


Admittedly, among the most picturesque villages of Karpathos. The distance that separates it from the island’s capital is about 30 km. It is built on a hill and stands out for its amazing views and breathtaking sunsets.With a simple tour through the little paths of the village, the visitor can admire the authentic island image that stems from the architecture of the buildings and enjoy a coffee in a traditional coffee shop.The main church of Panagia awaits you. If you choose this village for your stay you can reach the sea covering a short directed to the unique – sequential beaches of the seaside village “Lefkos”, where restaurants and taverns with fresh fish and Karpathian flavors.



During your stay on the island of Karpathos, you must visit the most traditional village of Greece, Olympos.The village gives a striking impression from the first moment you see it. Located on the top of a hill which is surrounded by bigger mountains and going west to inaccessible shores. Due to its location the houses have a unique view over the Aegean Sea and therefore not unjustly been characterized by many as the balcony of the Aegean. The traditional colorful houses that climb up the two steep slopes, the windmills and the bell tower of the church give a sole and unprecedented picture. It is characteristic that during your stay here you will be able to see people who continue to wear their local costumes, retain their language and idiomatic expressions. The beautiful figures of women within the colorful handmade costumes not only impress, but astonish the visitors. For these reasons the village of Olympus is described as a living folk museum where visitors outside of the unrepeatable beauty can meet the most true Greek hospitality. Among the most remarkable sights of the village is the church of Panagia from the 16th century with had woodcarved temple and the murals. You can also visit the traditional flour mill, the folk museum of artist Vasilis Hadjivassili, the monastery of Chrisovalantou located at the entrance of the village, a must also to visit is Ancient Vrykous, where the ruins of the 4th century.
Two miles from Olympus is located Avlona, the most traditional agricultural settlement of Greece. Here you can turn back time … Here you will find out how the farmers in Karpathos worked and lived. At Avlona you will find a traditional family run kafenion-tavern which offers local dishes, something yu have never tried before.


Diafani is a small fishing village with a small harbor, which is the harbor of the traditional and historic village of Olympos.
Offers few opportunities for accommodation, but it is an amazing place for a quiet holiday in beautiful surroundings. Also offers friendly the local cuisine and fresh fish at the seaside taverns.
You’ll enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters and beaches of Diafani the adjoining beach of Vananta.
It is easily accessible from the town by caique or road somewhat rocky road and relatively large distance.
From here by boat you can visit the island of Saria, located north of Karpathos, and enjoy your swim in crystal clear waters of the remote beaches. In Saria there are ruins of an Arab settlement. The island Saria together with the northern part of Karpathos is a protected area of the European program NATURA.
By boat from Diafani you can reach the most quiet little harbor in the picturesque village Tristomo. Small island houses and boats are waiting.